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A factfile on some of her life!!! not that great! :D

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Florence Nightingale:
Name: Florence Nightingale
Born: 12th May 1820
City: Born in Florence in Italy which she is named after.
Family life: The year before her oldest sister Parthenope, had been
born in Naples. Their parents where William Edward and Frances
Nightingale were travelling in Italy as part of their leisurely
honeymoon. Florence and her sister grew up in two large houses, one
in the north of England,Lea Hurst in Derbyshire, another in the south
in Hampshire called Embley Park. The girls were part of a welloff
and wellconnected uppermiddle class family whose money
oringally came from lead mining.
Education: Florence and her sister were educated from home first
by governess, and then by their father. They were excellent students,
intelligent and hard working. They studied French, Latin and
German. They took healthy walks daily, visited the local poor with
their mother, read the Bible and practice the piano, sang and drew.
Background info: Florence became a living legend as the "Lady
with the Lamp" who led a group of 38 nurses during the Crimean
War and so helped save the British army from medical disaster. She
made a massive impact on the British army!
Died: In 1910 (at the age of 90).


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