Flooding in the Uk

Revision cards of a flood in the UK to an MEDC which was in York in 2000.

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Main Facts

  • All rivers in the North - East of England were affected, and some rose to record levels.
  • The peak level at the river Ouse at York was 25mm higher than the previous highest level recorded in 1625.
  • Serious flooding occurred in 1947, 1978, 1982, 1991 and 1995.
  • Flooding in the River Ouse at York is caused by a number of physcial and human factors.
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Effects on human activity/ environment

  • Changes in farming methods on the flood plains allow water to drain more quickly into rivers.
  • The removal of peat from the moors, and forest from slopes, has encouraged water to reach the rivers more quickly.
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Additional detail

  • Estate agents warned that about 450 York properties hit by flooding could lose half their sale value, if they could be sold at all.
  • York is situated at the confluence of the River Ouse and the River Foss, which also increases the risk of flooding.
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