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Buying fish make sure that…

  • it has firm flesh
  • it has moist skin
  • it doesnt lose lots of scales
  • it has clear shiny eyes
  • it has bright red gills
  • has a fresh and clean smell
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Buying crustaceans make sure that….

  • They smell fresh and sweet
  • they're moist
  • they have no missing joints or limbs
  • harve a firm springy flesh 
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Buying molluscs make sure that….

  • They have a tightly shut shell or it shuts when you tap it
  • smells fresh
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White Fish

Firm white flesh

Oil in the liver - not in flesh

Plaice, sole, halibut, cod, coley, haddock, sea bass, whiting, *******

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Oily Fish

  • Oil in flesh which is dark
  • Eel, anchovy, jackfish, mackerel, salmon, sprat, torut, tuna
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  • Soft bodied sea animals that liv einside shells
  • Cockles, winkles, mussles, clams, oysters, scallops
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  • Jointed sea animals with soft bodies covered by a hard outter skeleton 
  • lobsters, shrimps, prawns, crabs, crayfish
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Storing fish

  • They are perishable
  • Must be refridgerated and used asap
  • cannot refreeze fish
  • When freezing it msut be properly wrapped to protect it from the frost 
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