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Fish And Seafood Investigation
Fish and seafood are fantastic for you and your health as they provide many different types of
nutrients such as the following:

Protein: Fish and shellfish provide essential sources of HBV protein that is easy to digest,
especially in white fish.
Fat: Both fish and shellfish…

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When you buy crustaceans, make sure that they:

Smell fresh and sweet
Are moist
Have no missing limbs
Have firm, springy flesh

When you buy molluscs, make sure that they:

Have tightly shut shells or shells that shut immediately as you tap them
Smell fresh

How to store Fish and…

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Summary Of Findings

I used my questionnaire on 2 children and 2 adults, my results show that children are less likely to
neat fish as it is an acquired taste, but it Is also possible to know this from other people around you.
Fish dishes are certainly less on offer…

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Beer Battered Fish

This dish would be high in fat because you would need to fry it in lots of hot oil and apart
from in the fish there in not a lot of nutritional benefit from the batter.

You would have to demonstrate deep frying the fish as well…

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