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Key Terms: Web Software
Web development software: is used to create websites and is most
likely used by businesses and organisations. Examples of web
development software include Dreamweaver.
Web browsing software: is used to look at existing websites and is
most likely used by the public. Examples of web browsing software
include Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.…read more

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What can a web browser do online?
In the exam, one of
· Online shopping questions may ask me to
· Social networking identify two ways a web
browser might use web
· Stream media browsing software.
· Online gaming
· Research
· Banking
· Email
· Web search…read more

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Examples include:…read more

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Internal Advertising
Hyperlinks Banner
Hyperlinks…read more

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Form…read more

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Key Terms: Website Features
Menu: list of options from which a user can select in order, for instance,
to start a program or find a relevant webpage.
Hotspots: Another term for a hyperlink
Anchor links: A hyperlink that will take you to another part of the same
webpage when you click it.
Interactive features: Features of a website that allow audience
participation. It might be a game, a request for information or the ability
to personalise a website.
Graphical hyperlinks: Hyperlinks in images or symbols
Advertiser links: Links to other websites. The other website pays to place
them.…read more


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