Fight Club Specific Examples

A series of pecific examples from the film Fight Club in relation to the critical debates.

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A critique of consumerism

  • CU of copy machine and Starbucks cup.
  • CU of bin with all the consumer goods in.
  • IKEA stye draws attention to consumer criticism.
  • **** splicing scene-talks to the camera, shallow focus on Tyler, points at cigarette burns, self relexive of cinematic experience.
  • Stealing body fat-dripping fat looks disgusting.
  • Girl at soap shop seems irritatingly perfect.
  • Slow motion explosion of electrical store.
  • Smashing expensive cars.
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Socially dangerous

  • Casual about violence-laughing.
  • CUs of faces & mouths in fight scenes-cool, canted angles, ******* six-packs.
  • POV shots-we are positioned with the violent man, accept the violence-justified.
  • Deigetic sound of punches and non-deigetic metallic sound-we are Jared Leto
  • Everything is sped up.
  • Lighting give a cool sepia look that doesn't quite seem real.
  • Begin inside Edward Norton's mind-disorientation, not reliable, flashes of Brad Pitt-we are not sure whether we are imagining things or not-don't trust our judgement or 'Jack's'.
  • No name-no identity-confusing.
  • Flashback withing flashback structure is confusing.
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  • When forced by studio to take corporate cash from Pepsi, IKEA and Volkswagon, Fincher organised the placements so that they are accompanied by an act of violence and destruction e.g. Volkwagon, IKEA apartment, Pepsi machines destroyed ...
  • Ends in Hollywood narrative-guy gets girl.
  • Cool edge-talks to the camera and points to cigarette burn, shaky camera, jump cuts and panning.
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  • Over the top performance.
  • Everyone seems a bit stupid-Edward Norton is the only sane person.
  • They have reproduced corporate culture of denied identity and conformity-there are lots of rules e.g. 'homework', 'franchises'.
  • In gun threat scene Tyler encourages the Korean assistant to go back to capitalism-veterinary college.
  • Brad Pitt is an actor, Bob is played by Meatloaf the rockstar, Jared Leto the rockstar is also in Project Mayhem.
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Safe Love Story

  • Shot reverse shots between Marla and 'Jack'.
  • Euphoric style sex scene.
  • CU of Marla grabbing penis-impotent unless he is Tyler.
  • Ends in Hollywood narrative with guy getting the girl-new equlibrium is established.
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A Study of the Crisis in Masculinity.

  • Bob.
  • CUs of Edward Norton crying.
  • Pans to femme fatale image of Marla in slow motion, smoking-seen as evil.
  • Marla is far braver than Edward Norton-she runs across the road.
  • Lots of names for 'Jack' but not real identity.
  • Making soap-a feminine profession.
  • Brad Pitt naked in bath.
  • Closing scene reinforces the message that men need women.
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