Fight Club Past Exam Questions

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  • How far has an awareness of the filmmaker as auteur influenced your response to your chosen film? [30]
  • How far has particular writing by critics been important in developing your understanding and appreciation of your chosen film? [30]
  • As a result of your close critical study, to what extent does Fight Club become either a more or a less complex film? [30]
  • In developing a response to your chosen film, how valuable did you find the application of a specific critical approach? [30]
  • Explore how far a particular debate by critics has influenced your understanding of your chosen film. [30]
  • Fight Club uses cinematic means to produce a fantasy which is also a serious exploration of masculinity.’ How far does this statement capture your own response to the film? [30]


  • How useful have you found a particular film critical approach, such as an auteur or genre approach, in gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of your chosen film? [30]
  • With reference to critical and review writing you have


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