Family & Households Key Terms

Key terms of AQA AS Sociology. 

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Geographical mobility

The ability to move around the country, usually in pursuit of employment.  

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An arrangement where a woman has a child for another couple 

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Infant Mortality Rate
The number of deaths in the population of infants under the age of 1, per thousand births. 

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Child centred

The idea that children are now the most important aspect of society 

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Nanny State

The idea that the government regulates and controls all aspects of our own life and attempts to protect us from dangers 

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The subjective feeling of 'belonging' to society and its structures 

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Cultural Identity 

The culture that you most closely identify with.

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Agreement or harmony. 

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The process of learning the norms and values of society.

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Instrumental Role

The economic or breadwinner role.

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Expressive Role

The caring or nurturing role.

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A group of people who exist outside the main culture and at the bottom of the class system, often associated with lone parents, welfare dependency and criminal activity. 

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Social construct 

he idea that an objective phenomenon is created by society or its institutions, rather than being a natural occurrence. 

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Absolute poverty 

poverty defined by the minimum requirements necessary, such as food, clothing, and shelter, to lead a healthy existence. 

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Someone who lives by themselves

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Nuclear Family 

This is what's classed as the 'normal' family. Consists of a mum, dad and children 

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Reconstituted Family

This is made up of and adult couple living together, who are married or unmarried, and at least one child from  a previous relationship of one of the partners. (Can also be known as step family) 

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Extend Family 

A family of three generations, living together 

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Beanpole Family 

A nuclear family with one or more children that maintain regular contact with their grandparents 

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Male domination in society. 

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Double shift 

When woman have a paid job, and do most of the house work. 

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Triple Shift

Where woman have a 
paid job, do most of the housework and take care of the emotional needs of the family.

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