Families and Households Topic 1: The Family, Social Structure and Social Change - Complete Overview

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Topic 1 : The family, social structure and
social change…read more

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The IK
[Turnball, 1994 ­ The Mountain People]
The Ik tribe is in northern Uganda
Family doesn't mean much
Face drought, famine + Starvation
Anyone who can't care for themselves is a
Families means a dependant child
Close to the verge of starvation, family is a
luxury that can mean death
Children like old people use up precious
Old are abandoned to die as are disabled /
sick children
As long as you have breeding group, can
always get more children
IK mothers throw children out at age 3
Until then they are carried around in a sling
with the mother
When she gets to her field she loosens sling
and drops her child and laughs if it's hurt…read more

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The IK
Tempting to conclude that they are savage and inhuman and
that their concept of family is wrong
However these functions benefit the IK by ensuring the tribes
Family life in UK and for the IK have things in common
For some UK family members [young and ld] family life may be
characterized by violence abuse and isolation
The experience of the IK suggests family life across world is
very diverse, this has created problems in defining the family…read more

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"The family is a social group characterised by common
residence, economic cooperation and reproduction. It
includes adults of both sexes, at least 2 of whom maintain
a socially approved sexual relationship, and one or more
children, own or adopted, of the sexually cohabiting
adults"…read more

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Murdoch's definition focuses on the nuclear family: the
stereotypical 2 generation family with a heterosexual
couple and dependent children
Right wing people approve of his definition of the family…read more

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In the 80's
Families were meant to have a mother a father and 2/3 children
They should be a household
It should be a heterosexual relationship
The relationship should be reinforced by marriage which encourages
fidelity and family stability
Immediate family always comes first
Family is beneficial + positive institution
Marriage should be companionate ­ husbands and wives have different
responsibilities but work together (warm bath theory...)…read more

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