Family and Parenthood

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What is a family?

What  a family provides...

A family is a group of people living together, who are married, or live together (co-habit), or who are related by blood or adoption.

A family provides...

-secure & stable environment, food & clothing

-encouragement and praise from good role models

-love, affction & comfort

-physical and health care

-communication and socialisation skills- primary- parents influencing

secondary- society influencing                    

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What is a family?

Types of family

Nuclear            Extended             Step              Single-parent              Shared care              Adoptive

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Foster and residential care

Looked-after children

Looked after children are in the care of the local authority through social services. Reasons for why these children arent able to live with their birth families include, death or illness of parents, sexual or physical abuse, neglect, disabled child, if parents need respite care.

Foster families

Provide long or short term care. Paid to look after children. Children are encouraged to stay in touch with birth family.

Residential care homes

Provide short term care. Looked after by carers in a family like structure.

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What is a family?

Why are family structures changing?

  • unmarried mothers are socially acceptable
  • co-habitation is socially acceptable
  • divorce laws are simpler
  • benefits
  • contraception


Culture  has an effect on roles in the family.

Religion can determine rules of behaviour, provides for worship and celebrations, and can influence your style of dress and diet.

Aspects of culture-Food, Hygeine, Education, Language & dialect, Family size, Traditions, Religion, Arts (music, songs, drama, literature)

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What is a family?

Family roles

Traditional-Man-Works & does DIY/Woman-Looks after children, cooks, cleans & shops 

  • cry when hurt
  • are clean & tidy
  • gentle & well-behaved
  • play with dolls & teddies
  • dress in pink, frilly dresses
  • be brave when hurt
  • are dirty & grubby
  • boistrtous & noisy
  • play with lego & cars
  • dress in blue 'boy' clothes


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What is a family?


Male condom-98% effective-Protects against STIs-Can split

Femidom-95% effective-Protects against STIs-Hard for penis to insert

Diaphragm-92-96% effective-Fitted by doctor

IUD-98-99%effective-Stays for 3-10 years-Can cause heavier periods

IUS-99%+ effective-Works for 5 years, reduces heavy periods-Can cause acne & tender breasts

Combined pill-100% effective-Reacts badly with antibiotics

Contraceptive implant-99%effective-Works for 3 years-Difficult to remove

Contraceptive injection-99% effective-Works for 2-3 months- Fertility comes back after 18 months

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