Child Development

Revision Cards for the 'Parenthood & Responsibilities' section on the specification for GCSE ccea.

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Factor's That Affect The Decision To Have A Baby

Stable Relationship- Maintain family contact and provide a stable relationship for your child.

Financial Considerations- Able to look after the aby financially.

Career Implications- Knowing that having a baby may result in one or both of the parents having to give up their job.

Commitment- Will you be able to be there for your baby 100%, will you be a satisfactory model, show guidance and teach them.

Available Support- Are you able to support a baby? Do you have family or friends to help and supoort you or look after the baby when required.

Parental Age- Are you too young to look after a baby? Would you be able to cope with the demands of parenthood?

Cultural Variations- Will you be able to maintain your own cultural tradiations while teaching your child how to fit into a changing community.

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The Impact of Children On Family Life

During the first few months after a child is born, both parents are usually exhausted from lack of sleep. They are often inexperienced in the care of a baby, the constant search for answers or help from friends, family, pediatricians and books can create tension between marriage partners.

Child rearing practices can also create tension between parents. 

The husband-wife relationship is likely to take second priority to the ever-present needs of the new infant. There is less time for the couple to be together without the baby. Occasionally there may be feelings of resentment towards the new family member due to the lack of time for self or spouse. 

The parents' experiences as a child influence the way they react in the parenting role. If either parent had a difficult childhood, for example, the baby might remind the parent of negative aspects of their own experiences.

As the parents adjust to the new role in the early months of the baby's life, the family may strengthen. Over time, parents are likely to be better able to define their parental role and its importance in family life.

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Roles Within The Family


  • May have to give up her job.
  • Doesn't have much of a social life.
  • Traditionally supposed to look after children, do housework, cook and do shopping.


  • Concerned about financial situation.
  • Traditionally supposed to earn the money and do household repairs.


  • Babysitting duites.
  • Be over protective.
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