AQA Child Development Parenthood

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  • Parenthood
    • The Family
      • Importance of family - providing needs
      • Family types
        • +/- of each type
      • Changing roles & responsibilities
      • Family structures, lifestyle in multicultural society
    • Planning for a family
      • factors to consider when planning for a family
        • relationship, parental age, impact on lifestyle, career/work, size of family, health issues, financial implications
    • Provision of a safe environment
      • indoor & outdoor safety
        • Pets, toys, equipment inc cots, pram, car seats.
        • Cause of accidents at different ages
        • Types of accidents & preventions
        • first aid & treatment of minor accidents
    • Preparing for a baby
      • range of clothes & equipment
      • Factors to consider when choosing clothing & equipment
        • cost, safety, hygiene, suitability, environmental issues


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