F215 Mod 3 - ecosystems (a few simple definitions) - NOT ALL!

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Biotic factor

Definition of biotic factor - A factor created by a living thing or any living component within an environment in which the action of the organism affects the life of another organism.

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Abiotic factor

Definition of abiotic factor - A non-living chemical or physical factor in the environment, such as soil, pH, forest fire, etc.

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Defintition of an ecosystem - All the living organisms and all the non-living components in a specific habitat, and their interactions.

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Definition of producers - Autotrophic organisms that convert light energy to chemical energy, which they then supply to consumers.

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Definition of consumers - living organisms that feed on other living organisms.

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Definition of decomposers - Organisms that feed on dead organic matter, releasing molecules, minerals and energy that then become available to other living organisms in that ecosystem.

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Trophic Level

Definition of trophic level - the level at which an organism feeds in a food chain

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