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Habitat: The place where an organism lives, including non living factors as well as other species that lives there, even the tree! :) Habitats are occupied by a range of species (community)

Community: All the populations of different species who live in the same place at the same time, and interact with each other.

Niche: A role the orgaism plays within the habitat.

Population: All the organisms of one species, live in the smae place at the same time, and can breed, and so reproduce.

Biotic factors: Are LIVING!!! Like: predation, diease ect.

Aiotic Factors: Are NON LIVING!!! Like: PH, temperature, light intensity ect.

Detritus:dead organic matter that is a food source of detritivores

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Ecosystems: Food chains and food webs

A trophic level is a feeding level in a food chain. Producers  (PLANTS)  are organisms thattrap sunlight and make use of the energy in photosynthesis. The energy is used to convert the simple inorganic compounds, carbon dioxide and water, into complex organicmolecules, such as sugars and amino acids. This pattern of energy flow is the grazing food chain 

Much of the energy that enters the organisms at one trophic level is used by those organisms and is, therefore, not available to the next trophic level; energy is lost during respiration and in heat loss.

When plants photosynetsoze, not all the ligt hits... why?

Light is reflected of the leaf.

 Light may not strike the chloropyll

Carbon dioxide is short?

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