Ecology Definitions BIOL4

A concise list of new terms for ecology (populations, ect.) needed for AQA BIOL4

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Habitat: The place where an organism lives

Population: All the organisms of one species in a habitat.

Community: Populations of different species in a habitat make up a community.

Ecosystem: All the organisms livng in a particular area and all the
   non - living (abiotic) conditions

Abiotic Conditions: The non-living features of the ecosystem e.g. temperature, availibilty of water

Biotic Conditions: The living features of the ecosystem e.g. food or predators

Niche: The role of a species within its habitat e.g. what it eats, where it feeds

Adaption: A feature that members of a species have that increase their chance of survival and reproduction e.g. giraffes have long necks so they can reach high up vegetation. This increases their survival when food is scarce

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