Extraction of Iron

The extraction of Iron, Fe(2)O(3), from Haematite by reduction (removal of OXYGEN in a blast furnace.

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Uses of Coke

(almost) pure carbon- REDUCES IRON OXIDE TO IRON METAL

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Purpose of Limestone

takes impurities away in the form of ****

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1st Step

- Hot aiir is blasted in

-coke burns very quickly- carbonn dioxide is produced

-temperature rises to 1500 degrees C

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2nd Step - Involving CO and CO(2)

- CARBON DIOXIDE (formed from burning ccoke) burns with leftover coke forming CARBON MONOXIDE

carbon dioxide + carbon = carbon monoxide

CO2    + C   =   2CO

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3rd Step - Reduction of Iron Ore with Carbon dioxi

iron oxide + carbon monoxide    →    iron + carbon dioxide

Fe2O3 + 3CO    →    2Fe + 3CO2

The IRON is MOLTEN at this temperature, very dense, so it runs to the bottom of the furnace where it is tapped off.

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Removal of Impurities- Decomposition of Limestone

Silicon Dioxide - sand- is removed by CALCIUM CARBONATE found in limestone.

CaCO(3) = CaCO + CO(2)

Then Calcium Silicate (****) is formed:

CaO + SiO(2)  = CaSiO(3)

Calcium Oxide +Silicone Dioxide=Calcium Sillicate


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Uses of ****

 Road Building and Fertilizer

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