Explaining Crime and Deviance Key Words

Explaining Crime and Deviance Key Words

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Socially constructed - views of what is criminal or deviant behaviour are influenced by the values and norms of the society we live in

Functionalism - an approach in sociology that seeks to explain the existence of social structures by the role they perform for society as a whole

Peer group pressure - a group of a person's age who are important to them and often influence them to behave in a particular way

Sub-culture - a group with a set of values and ways of behaviour which are distinctive from the generally accepted cultural values of society

Marxist - someone who believes the ideas of Karl Marx and sees the main divisions in society based on the class system operating in a capitalist system

Capitalist society - an economic system where the production of goods is organised for profit and sold to a free market

Self - fulfilling prophecy - people hear labels about themselves from people who are more powerful than they are. They come to believe the labels are true and act as if they are true. Therefore, the labels become true

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