Evidence for continental drift

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Evidence for continental drift

geology: Areas of South America and Africa have the same age and composition, You can also match up the age, rock type and distribution of some mountain ranges

fossil records: By fitting land masses together you can match up the distribution of some fossils, one fossil has been found across 5 different continents

living species: this is very similar to the fossil records earthworms have been found in very different areas of the world

climatology:There’s evidence that past climate of some continents were similar, despite being thousands of miles apart now. Similar glacial deposits have been found in Antarctica, Africa, South, America, India, Australia. large coal deposites have been found in areas that are far away from the equator 

palaeomagnetism:This is the study of the history of the earths magnetic field. Once every 200,000 years the earths magnetic field reverses polarity

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