Evidence for Tectonic Plates/ Movement

Evidence for Tectonics

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Continental Drift

Francis Bacon - Created the idea of the Jigsaw fit In his Novum Organum (1620) pointed it out but could not prove it therefore is method saw as invalid.

Alfred Wegner 1912 - Created the idea of One super continent 200 million years ago called Pangaea. N. Hemisphere - Laurasia S. Hemisphere - Gondwanaland however he did not know about convection currents.                                      

Evidence - Geological.- Jigsaw fit = Managed to match up the continental shelfs. Similar rocks types found on either side of S. America and Africa.

Biological - Fossils - Measosaurus was a fresh water reptile and was found all along the coast of Africa and Brazil and as there are salt water between the two in present day therefore these continents must have been together at some point. Glossopteries (Fern) found in Africa, America and Australia. Marsupids ( Kangaroo) = Australia no ground predators




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