Events leading up to World War 1

These cars are a brief look at the events leading up to WW1 including The Sarajavo Crisis.

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Events leading up to the war - 6 points

-Leaders of German Army had great influence over the Government.

-By 1914 many army leaders wanted a quick war. (believed if Russia wasn't defeated quickly Geramany would be 'steam-rolled'.

-Also French army being reogranised and would be weakest in 1914.

-Austria-Hungary's leaders thought it was the time to crush the South Slav nationalists who were upsetting the empire.

-They beleived that the best thing to do was to defeat the main South Slav state, Serbia.

-Thus in 1914 the leaders of both Austria-Hungary and Germany were looking for a war, all they needed was an excuse.

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The Sarajavo Crisis - 7 points

-June 28th, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary was visiting the Bosnian town of Sarajavo.

-He was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, a member of the terrorist nationalist group, 'The Black Hand'.

-A month later (after much diplomatic activity) the Austrians ,who blamed Serbia, declared war on that country.

-Five days before they sent a ultimatum (a series of demands) to Serbia, which were impossible to obey in full.

-On 30th July, Russia mobilised her troops (as Russia had promised to defend Serbia), This was considered a virtual declaration of war.

-Germans needed to act quickly, asked french to remain nuetral but it was impossible.

-On August 3rd, The Schlieffen Plan swung into action and Germany attacked France.

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And Then... - 6 points

-Gerrmany's attck on France caused a row in Britian.

-Some member of the cabinet insisted Britian's agreement with France was only a friendship and thus they shouldn't go to war.

-Others beleived Germany was out to conquer Europe making it in Britians interests to join France and stop Germany.

-When the German armies swept into Belgium, by the treaty of London 1839, Britian was obliged to defend France.

-4th August 1914, Britian declared war on Germany.

-The First World War had begun.

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