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Historical Periods

1) Ancient Greece

2) The Roman Empire

3) The Medieval period

4) The Renaissance

5) The Enlightenment

6) The Industrial Revolution

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Important Dates 1

1215AD- The Magna Carta is signed by King John

1492AD- Columbus arrives in the Americas (note that it wasn't called USA at the time)

1517AD- Martin Luther nails up his 95 theses

1649AD- King Charles I is executed 

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Important dates 2

1689AD- The Bill of Rights limits the power of the monarchy in England

1776AD- The American War of Independence

1789AD- The French Revolution

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Important dates 3

1805AD- The Battle of Trafalgar confirms Britain's naval supremacy

1815AD- Napoleon is finally defeated at the Battle of Waterloo

1914AD- The First World War begins

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AD- Anno Domini

BC- Before Christ

Cause- Something that leads to an event;

Consequence- Something that is caused by an event;

Context- The background of an historical period

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