Social Psyhcology-Theories of Obedience

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  • Social Psychology-Obedience Theories
    • Agency Theory
      • Two States
        • Agentic State-acting as an agent for authority and not taking responsibility for your actions as they say it's not their choice
          • People act in an agentic state as we're socialised to do so
        • Autonomous State-acting as though you're in control of your actions and free to do as they please and therefore take responsibility  for their actions
        • Situation determines which state we act in
      • Evaluation
        • Milgram's Research
        • Acts of war criminals-Adolph Eichmenn
        • Can be used to manipulate people
        • Ignores dispositional factors e.g. personality
    • Social Impact Theory-Latane
      • Social Impact-the effects of a group on individual attitudes
      • Evaluation
        • Mathematical Equation-scientific
        • Supported by Milgram's rebellious peers
        • Doesn't specifically relate to obedience
        • Obedience is a behaviour by someone in response to an individual, not the influence of groups
      • I=f(SIN)


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