Eustatic and Isostatic Change 2

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A coastal inlet which was formerly a river valley, now partially submerged

Formed when fast rising sea levels from melting glaciers floods river valley

Also formed when coast levels fall - due to tectonics

Floodplain is underwater, but higher land remains exposed (hills form islands)

Commonly forms an estuary

Example - Georges River, Sydney, or San Francisco Bay

Summary - V-shaped, drowned river valley

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Relict Cliffs and Raised Beaches

Relict Cliffs - a cliff which was once underwater - sea levels fell, exposing cliff above sea level - cliff face seemed to retreat due to lack of water - can be found with wave cut notches, caves, arches and stacks/stumps

Example - Isle of Arran, Scotland

Raised Beaches - areas of former wave cut platforms and their beaches - are now higher than the sea level, due to relative rise compared to sea level

Example - Isle of Portland, Dorset

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