Sea level change causes and landforms

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  • Sea level change
    • Causes
      • Eustatic change
        • Sea level rises or falls relative tot he land (global, quick)
      • Isostatic Subsidence
        • Land sinks due to weight of the ice in an ice age (generally)(local, slow)
      • Isostatic Recovery
        • Land rises due to loss of weight of ice when it melts (local, slow)
      • Global warming
        • Melting water is added to the oceans; thermal expansion of water as it warms
      • Tectonic Uplift
        • Upward movement of rock due to plate movement
    • Submergent landforms
      • Rias
        • Drowned river valleys. in an interglacial period, the rise in temperatures and the release of water stored in glaciers casued eustatic change (sea levels rose)
      • Fjord
        • Flooded U-shaped valleys (caused by glaciers). Ice melt post-ice age led to flooded valleys with Steep cliffs and channels, uniformly deep. they are straighter than Rias due to the size of glaciers.
      • Fjard
        • Drowned glacial lowlands, occurring in glaciated, low relief areas. They have typically islands which as highly indented (skerries) and result from the emergence of land following an ice age
    • Emergent Landforms
      • Raised beaches
        • Reminants of former coastlines, often showing wave cut platforms, beaches, or even relict caves, stacks and stumps. Inactivity will lead to vegetation growth and lower areas will show signs of marine erosion.
      • Relict Cliffs
        • arches, caves, stacks and stumps may be visible from the cliff's emergence due to isostatic recovery or eustatic change (e.g. in an ice age)
    • Example exam Question- "Explain the causes of sea level change and the formation of resultant landforms" 15 marks


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