EPQ ideas History, Art and Literature

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  • EPQ ideas
    • Art
      • Impressionism
        • Impressionism vs Post-impressionism
        • Female impressionists and their impact
        • What was the inspiration for impressionism?
        • What is the most prominent feature of impressionism?
      • Art Deco
        • Art Deco posters and their impact
        • The artwork of Roger Broderd
        • Art Deco architecture
      • How art has been used to address social issues
      • Political artworks and their influence
    • History
      • Propaganda
        • The history of propaganda
        • The use of women in propaganda
        • How the 6 principles of persuasion are shown with propaganda posters
        • A study of propaganda in history textbooks in UK history
      • How has the role of marriage changed over time?
      • The importance of education in each era and why it changes
      • Untitled
    • Literature
      • How the presentation of women in literature has changed over time
      • A study of gothic literature
      • The relationship between history and literature
      • In what ways does 'Rebecca' exemplify the Gothic literary tradition


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