Environmental hazards in urban areas

Cards on environmental hazards in urban areas

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How does urban growth increase environmental press

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  • Growing demand for transport - increases vehicle emissions
  • Increase in demand for energy - more power stations - more air pollution
  • Firewood and coal burnt in growing urban cities and slums
  • Water becomes polluted with waste
  • Waste is burnt or in dumps where it might contaminate water
  • As urban areas grown, rate of building increases, reducing amount of green space
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Environmental problems of the Chinese city Chongqu

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  • Cheap, poor quality coal and rapid increase in car ownership is causing a significant pollution problems 
  • Estimated that 16/20 of the dirtiest cities in the world are in China
  • During the olympics in beijing 3 million cars were removed from the street, and factories were closed down
  • The air pollution is responsible for 1000s of cases of premature death and bronchitis
  • In 2006 ,1 out of 4 day did not pass the minimum health standards of the government
  • Cannot cope with the amount of waste, garbage tips are on edge of the city
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What is bronchitis?

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Inflammation of the tubes leading into the lungs

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