environmental chemistry


revision about environmental chemistry

air pollution is the most harmful in the environment. it can be caused by a lot of things: smoking, cutting trees, building more factories/buildings, smoke being given off in vechicles, and those gases  that are called sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. this will not only affect us, it will also affect all the living things and the earth's atmosphere. can increase the chance of getting lung disease such as asthma, allergies and various breathing problems.

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environmental chemistry

water pollution are caused by industrial waste products released into lakes, rivers, seas and ocean. humans pollute the water with disposal waste, human waste and garbage such as chemicals, waste from factories and household waste. this will pollute the water and the population of the sea animals will decrease. it can also affect humans because in some rural areas you will see other people using the same dirty water for cooking, taking a bath or drinking. acid rain further adds to the water pollution.

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environmental chemistry

soil pollution and acid rain are also types of pollution. soil pollution is caused by acid rain, fertilizers etc. it occurs when chemicals are released by spill or underground storage tank leakage which releases heavy into soil. acid rain is formed when chemicals from factories or any other osurce of pollution mixed with normally formed clds of heated water vapour, and pollute the water inside; this then falls back down the land in the form of acid rain.

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