English Poems

These cards are mainly to remember the key facts about poems and words, and also how to make a poem really good if you don't think it's that great.

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Poem Writing

To make a good poem you need to have a good imagination and have good ideas before writing one.

If you aren't in the mood to write a poem, but have to write ideas on scrap paper and put them all together so that when you write the entire poem you have a good idea and you have something to go by.

Rhyming is not neccisary for a poem, people do make rhyming poems but it really isn't needed for a good poem but if you can rhyme and you have a good sense of words that do rhyme then you can make one.

Writing a good poem takes quite a while and you may think you have done good, always read over a poem because you may find faults and you may have a better idea.

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Rhyming and Non-Rhyming

If you want to make a good Rhyming poem then you need a good imagination like said at the other card.If you cant write a rhyming poem you don't have to, you can always write a good non-rhyming poem.

Writing non-rhyming poems can be as difficult as writing a rhyming poem. You just have to have a really good idea, and write ideas on paper before writing.

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