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This Is For Studying About Poems! (Disclaimer: I didn't write this poem). Suitable for English Language and Literature.

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Nothings Easy
Nothings easy
That's what Billy says
When I tell him about my walks
And when I pass a pub
And my hands start shaking
And it would only take
A few steps
To be at the bar
Ordering a pint...
And the young kid
Smart as a tack
"Don't walk near a pub"
Then we look at each other
And I say,
"Nothings easy"
Sarah Wright
Why I chose this poem (E.g. cementation)
I Chose This Poem Because I Like The Quote "Nothing Is Easy" Because It Is
True, Nothing Is Actually Easy. Even Though This Poem Is About Beer I Liked It
Because It Tells You That Nothings Easy And Everything You Do Has Meaning
To It, It Just Shows That Nothing Is Actually Easy To Do.


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