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Tiger's Bride

  • 'My father lost me to the beast at cards'
  • 'Could he so easily leave me here?'
  • 'War with nature'
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The Snow Child

  • 'He thrust his virile member into the dead girl.'
  • 'It bites'
  • 'I wish I had a girl as white as snow'
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The Lady of the House of Love

  • 'Countess wants fresh meat.'
  • 'Tarot cards'
  • 'In depth she looked, less beautiful... fully human.'
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The Werewolf

  • 'Winter and cold weather.'
  • 'They have cold weather, they have cold hearts.'
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The Company of Wolves

  • 'His genitals, huge. Ah huge.'
  • 'She is an unbroken egg; she is a sealed vessel.'
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Wolf Alice

  • 'Two legs looks,four legs sniffs.'
  • 'He is white as leprosy.'
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The Bloody Chamber

  • 'I was innocent but not naive.'
  • 'A dozen husbands impaled a dozen brides.'
  • 'A irreporachable bullet through my husbands head.'
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The Courtship of Mr Lyon

  • 'Mr and Mrs Lyon walk in the garden.'
  • 'Miss Lamb spotless, sacraficial.'
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Key Points of The Bloody Chamber

  • Published in 1979
  • In a time of feminist movements
  • Nearly all of the tales are framed in a European winter landscape, that signifies the bleakness and hardship of life.
  • The tales explore female sexuality.
  • Male characters are defined by the stereotypes of powe, greed and cruelty associated with privilege.
  • The female characters are often the victims of these male characters.
  • The forests are places of fearful discovery and metaphors for the dangers of the adult world.
  • The landscapes are landscapes of the psychological. Fear of the unknown, fear of pain and fear of death.
  • Carters characters are in a place where anything can happen. In the unknown
  • Many of the tales are set in a cold, harsh winter. Emotional coldness (Mr Lyons) the harshness of a peasant life (The Werewolf) and snow of which the Snow Child is made of.
  • Castles- Gothic- Represents power and wealth but also a place of imprisonment.
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Gothic Links Between 3 Texts

  • The Supernatural is dominant - ( reconstruction a monster in Frankenstein, Hell and the selling of a soul in Faustus)
  • Settings of emotional and physical sensation - (The Artic Circle- Frankenstein, Hell- Faustus, Forests- Bloody Chamber)
  • The Gothic Tradition in literature was to warn, in a senstational and entertaining way, about the social and personal consequences of going against the accepted beliefs of the time. ( Faustus and his over-reaching ambition, Frankenstein and the creation of the monster.)
  • In the Bloody Chamber there is the imagery of Blood and Passion, the overwhelming forces of nature and supernatural beings, the shuddering anticipation of horrible events and typically Gothic architecture of Castles, Towers and secret passages.
  • Sin and Redemption- in the ''Bloody Chamber'' and Faustus. When in the Chamber she notices her wedding ring 'as if to tell me the eye of God was upon me.' - 'door of Hell.'
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Key points in the Bloody Chamber continued

  • Flowers-
  • Lilies in the Bloody Chamber signify death and mournign through their association with funerals.
  • The rose is a symbol of love and beauty and also agony and danger in the Courtship of Mr Lyon, the Snow Child and The Lady in the House of Love.
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Doctor Faustus Quotes

  • 'Necromatic books are heavenly.'
  • 'Yet art thou still but Faustus and a man.'
  • Lucifer is described as being the ''Prince of Hell''
  • 'How am I glutted with the conceit of this'
  • 'A sound magician is mighty God.'
  • 'That Fautus must repent and save his soul.'
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