English Literature - Poetry techniques WJEC

A list of poetry techniques for the unit 1 exam :)

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Techniques and meaning

Metaphor - when something is described as something else

Simile - when something is described as "like" something else


Caesura - the breaking up of a line or sentence to give a spoken quality


Personification - when an inanimate object is given human like qualities

Alliteration - the repetition of a consonant sound

Assonance - the repetition of a vowel sound

Sibilance - the repetition of an "s" sound

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Techniques and meaning

Enjambement - continuation onto the next line to give a spoken feel, or list




Plosive sounds - quick, hard sounds eg p, d, g, b, k

Allegory - comparison

Lexical field - group of words eg religious

Euphemisms - politer way of saying something

Viewpoint - eg 1st, 2nd or 3rd person

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