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English Literature
Sunday, 22 May 2016…read more

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· Heroes
· An Inspector Calls
· Of Mice and Men…read more

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· Plot
· Francis Cassavant
· Larry LaSalle
· Pearl Harbour
· Arthur Rivier
· Nicole Renard…read more

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· Chapter One- We are told about Francis injuries and how
he is a war veteran with `no face', and people avoid him
because of this. He prays for his enemies
· When Francis first meets Nicole
· Chapter 3-Visits Nicole old house and meets Norman
Rochleau. He dreams about his platoon and feels guilty
about killing two young German soldiers and wants to
forget about it. The next day he falls on the grenade.
· Chapter 4-Meets Arthur Rivier, who doesn't recognise
Francis but buys him at the St Jude's mens club
· Chapter 5-Visits the `Wrec Centre', where it became
unlucky because of a wedding incident. Became
converted to a club run by Larry LaSalle and Francis
spent most of his childhood there.
· Chapter 6-Francis asks at the men's club if they know when
Larry is coming back. Arthur recognises Francis, but promises
to keep his identity secrete…read more

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Plot (Continued)
· Chapter 7-Francis tells us how Larry taught him table tennis, and became good at it and
wins a competition aganst LaSalle (because he let them). Both of them were his `stars'. The
next day pearl harbour is bombed.
· Chapter 8-Arthur was found drunk and wanted to `talk about the war'. He states that they
were `just there' and weren't heroes.
· Chapter 9-LaSalle joins the army and the wrec centre closes. Francis and Nicole start going
to the cinema together. LaSalle was in the news for saving his platoon and is awarded the
silver star.
· Chapter 10-Francis didn't initially hide his wounds but on a trip in London he upset a small
child. He burns the addresses from the doctor and his friend in London.
· Chapter 11-Larry came back to a heroes welcome in 1943 and re-opened the wrec centre.
At the end of the night Larry persuades Francis to leave her and Nicole, however he saw
Larry abusing Nicole and did nothing. Nicole leaves and sees Francis annoyed he didn't stop
· Chapter 12-A few days later he visits Nicole and she blames him for what happened. He
climbs the church steeple, then the next day he joined the army by forging his birth
· Chapter 13- Finds out that Larry has returned…read more

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