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The White Devil quotes

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Vittoria's Arraignment quotes

Monticelso: I "point out your follies in more natural red and white than that upon your cheek" - "painted devil" who is the white devil?

"what goodly fruit she seems" w.d

whores are "shipwrecks" misogynistic

"this whore, forsooth, was holy" m

"I will not have my accusation clouded with a strange tongue; all this assembly shall hear what you charge me with" obscurity. proud and strong as a woman

"Ha? Whore- what's that?" p.s.w

"as if a man should spit against the wind, the filth returns in's face" p.s.w

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Machiavellian Politics/ Social Class

"Dead man's skull beneath the roots of flowers" corruption of society

"the ways of policy are winding and indirect"

"the famous politician, whose art was poison"

"men do grow great by being great men's apes"

"there is nothing so holy but money will corrupt and putrify it"

Marcello accuses Flamineo of being determined to "rise by all dishonest means"

"Duke Francisco, disguised as the Moor: it is chance whether a brick is layed "on top of a turret", or "in the bottom of a well"

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