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Key terminology to use in june exams 2012. 

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Key terminology

Mode - Whether the text is written or spoken. 

Frequency - How common a word is,  high frequency and low frequency. 

Monosyllabic - A word of just one syllable e.g man or door. 

Polysyllabic - A word of more than one syllable e.g However, literature

Jargon - Lexis that is specfic to a particualr field. 

Idiom - A phrase or saying that is common to a culture. 

Semantic Feild - A collection of words related to the same area

Oxymoron - Joining together words which oppose eachother. 

Euphemism - A nicer way of putting something, usually taboo issues. e.g 'he passed away'

Declarative sentence - A sentence which makes a statement 

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Imperative sentence - A sentence which makes a command

Interrogrative sentence - A sentence which asks a question

Exclamatory sentence - A sentence which uses a exclamation mark to convey emotion. 

Hedging - Verbal padding to soften what has been said. e.g 'sort of' or 'a bit'

Triadic list - a list of three things or iedas

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