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English devices:
Adjacency pairs ­ Branch of linguistics in which conversation is taken in turns i.e. greeting
and then another greeting (Hi! Oh, hey!)

Allegory ­ Symbolic representation e.g. the blindfolded man with scales is an allegory of

Alliteration: `Slippery snake slid slowly'

Analogy ­ Comparison of two different…

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Foreshadowing/Foreboding: When the author/playwright or character(s) imply that there
will be a negative event in the future

Hyperbole: a form of exaggeration usually used in poetry and sometimes prose

Iambic Pentameter: A line (usually in poetry) that has ten syllables in each lines but the
alternate syllable is stressed: Duh-DUH…

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Pun: Standard play on words

Refrain: A verse or phrase that is repeated at intervals throughout a sonnet, song or poem,
usually after a chorus or stanza.

Rhyming couplets: A two line lines of the same length that rhyme and complete one
thought. There is no limit to the length…

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Modernism: Post war modern thought, character or practice. The development of modern
society and rapid growth of cities.

Post-modernism: A movement where novelists wrote to reinvigorate the powers of
language by dislodging it from conventional constraints. Post-modernism can also be seen
as the primary emblem for our fractured current existence.…


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