English Language Paper 2 - Writer's views and perspectives


Question 2

[8 marks, 8 mins]

Question 2 - summary of differences between source A and source B

For a perceptive summary, you need to:

  • make perceptive inferences from both texts
  • make references to text relevant to the focus of the question (short quotes)
  • make statements that show perceptive differences between texts


  • to write 3-4 differences
  • you don't need to use subject terminology
  • you don't need to refer to the effect on the reader
  • conclude with a final sentence explaining why there are differences (time period and how attitudes/life changes
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Question 3

[12 marks, 12 mins]

Question 3 - refers to the writer's use of language.

For detailed, perceptive analysis, you need to:

  • analyse the effects of the writer's choice of language on the reader
  • select relevant quotations
  • make sophisticated and accurate use of subject terminology

Subject terminology such as:

  • rhetorical questions
  • direct address - 'you'
  • including the reader - 'we' 'us'
  • statistics
  • hyperbolic language
  • colloquial (informal)/sophisticated register
  • tone: angry, sarcastic, ironic, humourous
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Question 4

[16 marks, 20 minutes]

Question 4 - refers to the writer's differing ideas and perspectives, and how they're conveyed

For a perceptive, detailed response, you need to:

  • compare ideas and perspectives in a perceptive way
  • analyse how writer's methods are used (subject terminology)
  • select a range of relevant quotations from both texts to support points
  • show a detailed understanding of the different ideas and perspectives in both texts


  • to write about 3 different ideas/attitudes
  • to say why they feel this way
  • to say how their feelings are conveyed (language, structure)
  • write a concluding sentence explaining why their attitudes differ (time period)
  • you don't need to refer to the effect on the reader
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Question 5

[40 marks, 5 mins planning, 30 mins writing, 5 mins checking]

Question 5 - writing to argue


  • clever introduction, e.g. pun, irony, direct address, quotation
  • facts/statistics
  • anecdote
  • analogy
  • simile/metaphor
  • collective 'we/our'
  • rule of three
  • emotive languauge
  • cyclical structure
  • rhetorical question
  • , . '' - ... ; : ! ?
  • ambitious vocabulary
  • 4 - 5 paragraphs
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