English Language Answer Structure Paper 2


English Language Paper 2 Section A

Question 1


Timing: 5

Marks: 4

Source: A

Wording:  Read lines…. to… Find four statements that are TRUE and shade the relevant boxes.



·        Read Source A.

·        Shade four true statements.

·        Only shade four boxes.

·        Careful: there will be one almost true one trying to catch you out.




English Language Paper 2 Section A

Question 2

Timing: 10

Marks: 8

Source: A & B

Wording: Write a summary of the differences OR similarities about [a specific aspect of the text].



·        Means to briefly compare viewpoints.

·        You do not need to analyse language.

·        Must use “quotations”.

·        Aim for 3+ detailed points.

·        Must use a connective.

·        Will be told what to compare: E.g. character, setting, action.

·        Point – “quotation” – inference - inference

·        Compare the less obvious, more original


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