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English Paper 1
Section A
Reading non-fiction
Section B
Writing to Argue, Persuade or Advise…read more

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What the examiner is looking
Grade A
Produces specific, sustained and committed writing that interests the reader. Uses coherently
linked sentences within paragraphs to good effect.
Sustained style with constructions to achieve emphasis. Almost technically faultless with
distinctive style.
Likely content: Evidence of clear views of the purpose of the task.
An imaginative answer that might even have an amusing side to it, if appropriate to the task.
Sustained understanding of the purpose of the task and technically perfect.
Grade A*
Form, style, content and grammatical structures match assuredly and persuasively. Shows clear
relationship between successive paragraphs. Wide repertoire of vocabulary and stylistic effects.
Almost faultless accuracy with effective and sensitive use of punctuation.…read more

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Use variety of Don't forget
connectives Make a Plan paragraphing!
· Purpose - why are you writing?
· Audience ­ who are you writing for?
· Language ­ what type of language should you use?
· Structure:
-main points {use headings to remember what to write about}
Use variety of
sentences…read more

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For adding information To show cause and To compare
-and effect
-Because -equally
-also -likewise
-so -similarly
-as well as -as with
-moreover -thus -like
-in the same way
-furthermore -consequently
To contrast To emphasise To give examples
-Whereas -above all -for example
-instead of -in particular -such as
-alternatively -especially -for instance
-Otherwise -Significantly -in the case of
-Unlike -indeed -as revealed by
-but -notably
-on the other hand
- although…read more

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Types of Language
· Dialect ­ way of speaking for a particular
· Emotive ­ plays on the readers feelings/emotions
· Standard ­ formal
· Slang
· Colloquial ­ informal/chatty/conversational
DESSC…read more

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Types of Sentences
· Topic Sentences
· Exclamative
· Complex
· Compound
· Short sentences - for effect, to emphasise
TECCS…read more

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