Enduring Love by Ian McEwan


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Joe Rose

Joe as a:

  • Rationalist- the scientific language, constant reference to reason and order, search for a syndrome
  • Pragmatist- desire for chronological order, needs to know the causes and culprits of actions, practical approach, judges of failure/success of actions
  • Scientist- many references to scientists, syndromes, his entire profession, relationship based on opposites
  • Victim- stalked by Jed, subject to the disbelief of Clarissa, interrogation by the police, trying to fulfil command of Jean Logan
  • Leader and Hero- first person narrative, intentions to solve every problem, first to act in every case, offers reasons and solutions
  • Story-teller- suspense and tension, thriller genre, exaggeration and description. contrast to scientific claims
  • Atheist- references to science but reference to God also, contrast to romance

Joseph- 'he will add'; Rose- love and beauty---> both ironic

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Jed Parry

Jed as a:

  • Rival- references to Clarissa, in competition with love, saviour at the ballooning accident
  • Believer- theist, desire to convert people, sole aim is love, out of control- messages from a supernatural being
  • Threat- physical and spiritual, large and towering, passion could be infectious, again out of control
  • Social Misfit- no job, no obvious friends, unfortunate, threatening looks, unknown syndrome

Jedidiah- friend of God; Parry- to ward off, as in a defensive movement, or an embarrassing question

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Clarissa Mellon

Clarissa as a:

  • Romantic- work on Keats and poetry, desire to be loved by Joe, kindness towards others and children
  • Opposite- her art vs Joe's science, belief in spiritual force vs Jed's belief in God, opposite in looks, acceptance
  • Optimist- medical notes mixed up, dismissive of any problems, sense of humour, constant search within poetry
  • Barrier- barred pain, no mention of lack of children, rebounds Joe's moods and rejection, strong against Jed

Clarissa- clear, bright, famous, Richardson's 'Clarissa, or, the History of a Young Lady', 1748 tells of a girl who's quest for virtue is thwarted by her family; Mellon- the Mellon Fellowship Award awards grants for historical research.

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Jean and John Logan

Jean and John as:

  • Similars- names prove to a perfect match or a lack of opposites attracting?, similar to Jed and Joe- comparable attributes
  • Ideals- couple still together with children, well off as living in Oxford, a brave man who would give his life for a child, a wife who mourns the death of her husband
  • Innocents- John merely driving until he is called to be a hero, Jean unaware of anything wrong in their relationship until tragedy strikes and questions can no longer be answered

Rachael- biblical name, shows faith and belief, means 'ewe'- will grow to be a good parent like her mother; Leo- means lion- will grow to be brave like his father

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Joseph Lacey, Toby Greene, James and Harry Gadd

Joseph Lacey- share names with Joe, actually opposite- old, no particular job, unaspiring, ironically didn't hurt himself- although name is Lacey

Toby Greene- farm labourer which matches his name, again opposite to Joe

James Gadd- proves himself incapable, reliant on others to look after his grandson even though has a handicapped son

Harry Gadd- appears to take after his grandad

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Steve, Johnny, Xan and Daisy

Steve and Johnny- normal names, possibly not normal men as involved in illegal business, peculiar link that Joe should have, link between Johnny and John Logan- both are brave and have secrets

Xan- name appears comical as supposedly discreet but draws even more attention- like an anonymous signature, description similar to how Joe describes Jes

Daisy-name links to her hippie style, supposedly bright and innocent flower but actually involved in a messy siuation

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