Enduring love notes

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·         Dinnage argues that Enduring Love is an efficient, gripping examination of such themes as “guilt and love and fear.”


·         Brookner praises Enduring Love for its effective use of “psychological terrorism,” McEwan's patient building of conflict and suspense, and the book's ultimate portrait of disintegration.


·         In the following review, Taylor offers an unfavorable assessment of Enduring Love, asserting that McEwan's style and structure in the novel is overbearing and repetitive


·         Literary critic, Jonathan Greenberg cogently argues that McEwan’s novel represents a series of interrelated conflicts between scientific, literary, and religious worldviews. Greenberg maintains that “despite its multifaceted critique of neo-Darwinism, Enduring Love does in fact hold out hope for a rapprochement between the sciences and the humanities


·         Thus the question, do the characters in the novel, in some way or another, find such “fullness”? Enduring love? Taylor also creates the opening for such an interpretative question: “[w]hat we need to do is to get a sense of the difference of lived experience” (Taylor 8). Narrative calls attention to this “lived experience,” and the novel becomes a significant way to see persons living in a particular time and place and making sense of their experience.6 Paul Ricoeur puts it this way: [r]eflections on narrative manifests “the social dimension [sic] of human being in time” ... as well as disclosing the ethical orientation of human being in time toward the good ... . Narrative embodies the same complex temporal structure as an actual self.”


Jed and Joe


·         The role played by Jed Parry is very significant in creating the effects of psychological thriller in the novel. Jed's psychological disorder, de Clerambault's syndrome has been utilized by McEwan to create an interest niche to the plot. It is under the evil affect of this disorder that Jed creates havoc in the lives of Joe and Clarissa. The relationship between Joe and Jed creates the ground for testing the love and in-depth understanding between Joe and Clarissa


·         There is a parallel plot justifying 'emotional justice' followed by 'unconditional love' in the novel. On the one hand the love between Joe and Clarissa is devotional, whereas on the other hand, relationship between Joe and Jed adds elements of being obsessive, tremendously homoerotic and with continuous stalking affects.


Joe and Clarrisa


·         For the novel intimates that the inability of Joe and Clarissa to reproduce poses a threat to the endurance of their love. Such a view would conform to a fairly widespread neo-Darwinist view of marriage and heterosexual love, a




These notes highlight the core themes of the story



does anyone know who the critic taylor is?

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