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  • Atonement by Ian McEwan
    • "To marry her ******"
      • Lola married Paul due to his high social standing and wealth.  If Robbie or Danny had ***** Lola it would have been unimaginable that they would marry her
        • Here, McEwan is showing how social status has little relationship with that persons morality since Lola and Paul's 'love' is based primarily of wealth and class
      • "Robbie's elevation, Nothing good will come out of it"
        • Emily Tallis is shown as a physical barrier between Robbie and Cecilia's relationship as she has very traditional views about social mobility.
    • Set in 1935 where society was highly influenced by the social class hierarchical system
    • "She kicked off her sandals, unbuttoned her blouse and removed it..."
      • Not something you would expect from her class.  Robbie attempts to "confer urgent masculine authority" but Cecilia's class automatically outshines him
        • Robbie makes the assumption that Cecilia is trying to humiliate him. Creating tension between their relationship
        • Unequal social standing serves as a physical barrier between their relationship
        • Cecilia is fully aware of her authority over Robbie.  This scene provides evidence for the juxtaposition McEwan is showing through the reversed gender roles he is portraying in his novel to the authoritative power men had over women during that time
    • In contrast, in part 2 (204) Robbie compares his love to Cecilia to "Tristan and Isolde...".  This depicts how Robbie isn't fazed by the social gap between him and Cecilia.  Emma and Mr Knightley come from the same class so Robbie believes him and Cecilia to have similar authorities.
      • The amount of literature in the novel depicts how class has no correlation to intelligence and it shows the artificial appearance of wealth and a high status
        • Link to Great Gatsby and his library and european shirts
    • McEwan was born in the 1940s where class was at a time of great change due to WW2 being declared, emphasising a direct correlation between class  and discrimination (Link to Lola and Paul)


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