Elizabeth I

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  • Couldn't keep the country Catholic as it would mean she was illegitimate.
  • Aimed for the 'middle-way' that would please majority of Protestants and Catholics.
  • Became "Supreme Govener of the Church of England".
  • Church service and Bible were in English.
  • New prayer book with prayers in English.
  • Priests could marry again.
  • Anglican church became firmly established and dominant.
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Functions of her Privy Council

  • To oversee arrangements for national defence - also linked to finance through extraordinary tax.
  • To enforce a range of laws and regulations including issues such as vagrancy and law&order.
  • Manage the crown finances with the Lord Treasurer and Chancellor of the Exchequer.
  • To manage Parliament.
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Factional Rivalry

  • No single minister had complete control over patronage.
  • Earl of Leicester and Cecil disagreed over the queen's potential marriage.
  • the 1590's saw a clashes between Robert Cecil and Earl of Essex - this made governance difficult.
  • These problems came to a head in the Essex rebellion of 1601.
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