Henry VIII Securing the Succession

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  • Henry VIII Securing the Succession
    • Catherine of Aragon failed to produce a male heir - instead Princess Mary was her only surviving child
    • After the Break from Rome, he was able to marry Anne Boleyn in 1533
      • She had Elizabeth - but no male heir
        • Succession Act of 1534 made Elizabeth heir presumptive not Mary
          • In 1536 Anne was executed for treason
          • the 1536 Succession Act declared Elizabeth illegitimate
    • The 1536 Succession Act lay new ground - the King could determine his heir by will or letter
      • This could have led to his illegitimate son (Henry the Duke of Richmond) to become the heir
    • Jane Seymour gave Henry a legitimate male heir, Edward in 1537
    • Succession Act of 1543 re-legitimized Mary and Elizabeth


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