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Structure of ionic lattice: sodium chloride

Sodium chloride lattice: Na+  Cl-

Ions held to gether by strong forces of attraction between oppositely charged ions, forming a giant ionic lattice

sometimes ionic crystals contain water molecules ,the crystals are said to be hydrated (they act as a drying agent). ANHYDROUS copper sulfate 

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Ionic substance in solution

 As water dissolves the ions become sorrounded by water molecules and spread throughout of solution.The hydrated ions are randomly arranged and behave independently.

(The bonds in water are polar because the oxygen is more electronegative than hydrogen) 

(A hydrated ion is shown by the symbol (aq) )

water molecule is polar with a bent shape. The positive H atoms in water are attracted to negative ions.Water sorrounds positive ions with oxygen atom pointing inwards. Each ion is sorrounded by a sphere of water molecules- known as hydration 

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