Elements and Atoms

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Element          Chemical Symbol          Melting Point          Boiling Point          Colour

Fluorine          F                                   -220                       -188                      Yellow

Chlorine         Cl                                   -101                       -34                        Lime

Bromine         Br                                   -7                           59                         Brown

Iodine             I                                     114                         184                      Purple

These elements are all halogens. Things that they all have in common are that they are all coloured and they are all poisonous. Passing down the group the state of the elements at room temperature go from gases -> liquids -> solids


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Metals and Non-Metals

Five (5) differences to help you decide if something is a metal or non-metal are that:-

Metals can be shiny, is it shiny?

Metals can be hard, is it hard?

Metals can be strong, is it strong?

Metals can be malleable (bendable) is it malleable?

Metals can be heavy, is it heavy?

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Elements and Atoms

What is an element?

An element is a substance made up of one (1) type of atom. For example oxygen is made up of only 1 atom.

What is a compound?

A compound is a substance made up of more than 1 type of atom. For example Magnesium Oxide is made of magnesium and oxygen. Remember that a compound is NOT A MIXTURE!

On the periodic table a column is called a group, and a row is called a period.

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