characteristics of elements, compounds and mixtures

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Characteristics of elements
Elements only have one type of atom or
Elements cannot be broken down into
simpler substances.
There are 90 different atoms that occur
naturally on earth and then some more
which makes a total of 118 elements.
Every element has its oven symbol.
Characteristics of compounds
and mixtures
In a mixture the atoms are not joined,
they are just mixed together. They are still
both single atoms.
In a compound the atoms are chemically
joined to each other. They can contain
several atoms which have joined together.
Compounds are often very different in
nature to the atoms which they started off
as. The substance has different properties.

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In a compound there is always a set
number of each kind of atom. Such as h20
­ 2 hydrogen + 1 oxygen.
In a mixture there is not a set number of
each atom or compound.
It is easier to break apart a mixture
compared to a compound as the atoms are
not chemically joined. However it is
possible to break up a compound.…read more


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