Chemistry By Caroline Carr


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Atoms and elements

Everything is made from atoms, and there are over 100 different types. These are called elements, and they can be divided into the metals and the non-metals.


Chemical symbols

The periodic table



Metals v non-metals

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The periodic tale is a list of elements,

Elements are made up of atoms,

Elements make up EVERYTHING

each Elemets have there own symbol.

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What does a atom look like?

( Blue circle - Nucleus

Green, Blue, Red - Moving Electrons.  Electrons fly around the Necleus.

Protons and Neutrons are in the Nucleus

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Neutrons have a neutral charge.

Protons have a positive charge

Electrons have a negative charge.

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In an atom it has to have the smae number of electrons as protons so it is eqyal and balanced out, so the atom has a overall charge.



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