EL Nino/Koyoto

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EL Nino/Koyoto

El Nino

  • Occurs every 4-7 years
  • Lasts up to 2 years
  • Shift in temperature patterns of the pacific
  • warm waers move from the western pacific (Australia) to the eastern pacific (S.America)
  • Eastern pacific(S.America,peru,California) experince warm,wet weather, floods,mudslides
  • Western pacific(Australia) experiences very dry conditions, e.g- Australias Big Dry
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The koyoto protocol

  • The koyoto protocol

Aim- industrialised are to cut bach green house gas emmisions by 5% by 208-12

Emission reduction targets; The EU=8%    USA=6%    Russia= 0%

190 countries agreed in 1997

Agreed to cut back GHGs by;

  • switching from coal to gas powerd stationss
  • renewable enery
  • taxing perol
  • carbon credit tading
  • creating carbon sinks to 'offset' emissions.

Sucesss??? NO....

  • in 2001 usa withdrew, said the target was too high
  • NIC's base economy on manufacturing- buning fossil fuels is key
  • Adaptation/Mitigation strategies would jepordise their countrys economy
  • Many vote against it, as it means they must radically change their lifestyle
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