Edexcel Applied ICT Unit 7 Using Database Software Exam May 2012

These revision cars are based on the scenario for this years exam which is based on a weekend run club.


Formulas for ICT Exam

=Date() - generates todays date.

=IIf([txtage]>=20,"A","B") - generates the age category of the person by using the age field.

=DateDiff("yyyy",[txtdob],Date()) - generates the age of the person by using the dob field.

=[cborun].[column](1) - picks up a column from the combo box in the same form.

=[cborunner].[column](4)+1 - picks up a column from the combo box and adds 1 to it.

=Max([tblruns]![Date])+7 - generates a new run date which is always a week after the previous run.

=Left([cbolocation],2)&Max(Right([tblruns]![RunID],4))+1 - generates a unique run code/id by combining the first three letters from the location with a number that is always one more than the highest in use.

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Formulas for ICT Exam cont.

=IIf([txtperbest]>[txttime],[txtperbest]) - works our the new personal best time, depending on if it has changed.

When doing a query for the results report, they may ask you to show specific dates e.g. Between #01/03/2012# And #31/03/2012#

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Evaluation Activity 6

Improvements in the Database

  • only one of the runners results can be recorded, way of entering a whole series of results.
  • inclusion of recording runners positions in the race.
  • creating a login system, only Tracey can access, also secures the system.
  • main menu, makes the database user friendly and simple for Tracey to use.
  • Navigation between the forms is relied on as well as guessing.
  • way of editing runners details.
  • archiving/deleting data when old.
  • adding more locations.
  • unable to delete data easily, have to go to table to do.
  • no check to see if result has already been entered.
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Validation Checks/Rules

Required fields - most likely a required fields for Name and DOB. This can be done by selecting 'Yes' in the required field box.

Range check- can be the difficulty level 1-5. This can be done by writing in the validation rule e.g. Between 1 And 5.

Format check - can be the finish time or personal best time in which this can be set to date/time during activity 2

Input mask - is most likely the postcode. it is easier to do this by using the input mask wizard.

Look-up/table check - can do a look up on the Runner ID.

Default Value - this can be done on the date of the run.

Field Size - this can be set on the runner forename/surname or on any field with text.

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Activity 1

the task the database has to perform is to register a new runner as well as creating and storing run details and recording results.

the information the database has to supply is the runners details, locations of previous/upcoming races, officials for each location as well as the results of each race.

the data that has to be input into the system includes the details of any new runners, in which this would result in a registration form being made and using a macro in order to save the new details.

the processing that is required in the system includes importing data such as the text files, sorting the data into tables, grouping the data in order to make it tidier, calculations on data such as calculating the age on the registration form, creating new data such as adding a new runner by using a registration form and lastly adding validation rules such as input mask.

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cheers for this very useful! have you got the tables yet~?



Ive seen the tables. my exam starts on wednesday



Hi I'm new to this site. Heather, if you've seen the table then can you please post it. It'll be much appreciated

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sorry i didnt see this until now, i hoped this helped the best it could

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