economic impact of tourism

the basics for the economic impacts of tourism

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impact on global economy

  • tourist reciepts alone underestimate the importance of tourism on the global economy
  • direct employment by tourism is 76.1million and accounts for 3.5% of worlds GDP
  • however by including indirect employment tourism accounts for 231.1million employment and 10.4% worlds GDP
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travel and tourism satellite accounting

  • satellite accounting includes direct and indirect expenditure and reciepts
  • this shows a clearer view of the economic impacts in all areas of tourism economy
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direct effects examples

  • accomidation
  • recreation
  • catering
  • entertainment
  • transport
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indirect effects examples

  • oil and gas suppliers
  • aircraft manufacturing
  • construction services
  • printing and publishing
  • security
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capital investment

  • money invested inbotels, attractions, roads and other aspects of infrastructure that facilitates high volume tourism
  • capital investment was estimated to be $1155 billion in 2007
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